UnLock Lock Screen

UnLock Lock Screen

Unlock Lockscreen helps you unlock the device, if you forget how to unlock it with configured secure lockscreen modes of Android like Pattern, PIN, Password etc.

Is available in 7 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese

If you want to secure your device by configuring Android PIN, Password, Pattern etc, but are worried about forgetting it and the consequences, you are at the right place. UnLock Lockscreen lets you not to compromise on your device and personal data security because of the “Fear to forget”.

Use this app is very simple:
1) Enter the phone number where you want to be sent the new PIN.
2) Click the button ‘Save Number Phone’ to save the number.
3) Click the button ‘UnLock’ to enabled.
4) Restart of the phone.
In case you are unable to unlock your device, UnLock LockScreen will help you unlock it with send SMS (The number that you place on the field ‘Number Mobile:’ ) with new PIN.
If you want a customized system, Contact us ( click here )


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