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We Develop Fantastic Mobile Applications

We love to take ideas and turn them into the real applications. We are passionate, creative and we have experience in developing Apps. Our experience can boast over 25+ years, over dozens of customers from over 10 countries (Italy, Germany, Ireland, Canada, USA, Israel, Australia, India, Ireland, Peru, Ghana ..), our customers’ feedback is excellent. All our Feedbacks are CERTIFIED by the largest Freelancer circuit.

We work together with our customers to build the mobile apps that provide emotions and value. Our knowledge of Mobile technology allows us to bring your App to a very high standard like no one another. Our offers have no competitors. Try to Contact Us (click here)

Some things to know

Everything you want, as you want it


How much does it cost to develop an App?

Less than you think. The price may vary from 200 € to a few thousand Euros. You do not need to pay all at once, but only 30% at the time of assignment, 40% when the prototype version of the app (the running app is tested) will be delivered, the remaining 30% on delivery of Definitive App.


All our Apps have very high quality. Maniacally we look at the graphics, trying to give the maximum speed through an optimized code.


For all our Apps you have 1 Year Warranty FREE from any errors (BugFix). This means that in the first year of use, if there is a mistake (you find errors during the use) you will not have to pay anything to fix it.


For all of Apps you have FREE assistance, the real one. For example, the app you see on the left is one of our App. Manage Hotel Reservations. At the start of the App, our customer had put so many questions to which he received the answers. Satisfied. We never leave you alone.

Your App in 3 Steps

Getting your App is simple.
Tell us about your idea, what would you like to develop ? We develop your idea, giving you the feasibility of the same, cost and timing. Just do it!

Contacts and Quotations

Wherever you are, you can contact us at +39.334.336.7105, via WhatsApp +39.334.336.7105, in a video conference via Skype nickname: Devil-App, by email: info@devil-app.eu, or fill out the form below or in the Contact section

Some of our App


Pizzeria Management

BarCode Ticket Management

Review Restaurant

Management Golf

Restaurant Management

Clinic Clear Queue


Venice Arts

Radio Streaming

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