App VET PRO – contains all information about your patients in your phone! VET PRO will help you organize and manage the database of your patients.
The program is available in 7 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese.
The database is centralized. You can access the database from any device, entering your username and password. No need to make a copy of the data, all the information is automatically stored in a centralized copy of Backup. The possibility to share information with colleagues, so that all the necessary information about the patient will be at your fingertips.
Key features of the app VET PRO:
✪ Calendar of examinations – all scheduled examinations are in an easy-to-use calendar.
✪ Plan of examinations for today – click on the desired day in the calendar, you will see a list of examinations for the day.
✪ List of Patients can be sorted by owner’s name, pet’s name or the patient’s entry date. You can make quick search for the right patient.
✪ Medical card of the patient with all the information at your fingertips.
✪ You can quickly create and fill in a medical card, add vaccines, antiparasitic treatments, examinations and inspections.
✪ List completed and upcoming treatments.
✪ Table of vaccines and anti-parasitic treatments for dogs and cats are already prepared, so you can quickly select the necessary one.
✪ Possibility to add necessary comments or notes to the patient’s medical card.
✪ Possibility of audio input of the comments and notes, saves your time.
✪ SMS notification – reminder for the owner about the planned visit to the vet.
Within 60 days, you can make free use of all the benefits of the program VET PRO: enter your patients into a database, organize the list of patients in a convenient way, schedule examinations and inspections in the easy-to-use calendar, and many other things.. After 60 days you can decide whether you want to continue to use program or not. All data and information about your patients will be saved.
Recommended: Internet (Wi-Fi – 3G / 4G) and a device with a screen of 5 “or more.
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